Pharmacy Practice

I made the new cover and a little spot illustration for Pharmacy Practice.
One of the features of the magazine is on the Pharmacist’s role for Zika prevention and awareness. The spot illustration is on the topic of diabetes.

Bright Questions

Christmas Weihnachten

Weihnachten Postkarten

Mavie Illustration 11 Dinge

Editorial 01


Montreal Coaster

Rob Longstaff – Footprints

Very proud to illustrate the new cd “footprints” by Rob Longstaff.
Cool funky music, which you can find on his Official Facebook Page

Möbel Martin – Furniture Company

Möbel Martin, a german furniture company, is going BIG with their new teaser campaign.
Special thanks also to the very nice team of VOON advertising agency.

Northeastern University
Cultural Agility

An illustration for Northeastern University’s alumni magazine – on the topic of cultural agility.

Karriere in Sozialberufen

Eine Illustration zu einem Artikel, der über Möglichkeiten handelt, sich auch in einem Sozialberuf weiter
zu entwickeln.
- – -
I made an illustration for an article, which deals with the possibilities to develop your career in a social profession.