Designing tattoos is not easy. It is important to make something the client is really happy with - for ever! Tina treats her clients with respect and lots of understanding and emaphty. Together they work on something that will last forever.

viertausendhertz podcast


Another illustration for Tinas client "viertausendhertz" podcast-group. This drawing is about producing podcasts and to listen to them.


illustration for a podcast cover about #pandemia #corona #virus for 4000hertz

hard to translate this german wordplay on this new postcard: IN REALITY THE TRUTH IS DIFFERENT

Illustration course // Denmark / Viborg / VIA University College /

Illustration course //  Denmark / Viborg / VIA University College / the Animation Workshop /
Tina was invited to work together with a group of 14 students from all over the world, to give lectures on editorial illustration.
Within one week, Tinas talented students created amazing illustrations, learned about the business aspect of being a freelance illustrator, practised different roles within the profession (for example Art Director), and also had to follow set briefs with tight deadlines.
Inbetween concentrated, mainly analog drawing sessions, they experimented with fun session warmups, Art-games and had regular breaks with healthy food.
Altogether, the course is a good foundation, both artistically and technically, for building up a career as an illustrator and Tina was happy to have been invited and have the chance to work alongside so many other highly skilled colleagues.
Thanks Maria from VIA, the  Animation Workshop and thanks dear students


workplace giving illustration zellmer

"The editors mentioned how Tina Zellmer made some very difficult concepts come alive", said art-director Sue LaLumia of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Tina made some beautiful illustrations guiding and navigating critical trends - in fundraising, grant making, advocacy, and more.

Zukunft Jetzt - Deutsche Rentenversicherung

The magazine of the Federal Insurance Institution for Employees in germany comissioned this illustrationby Tina Zellmer.
It is about health and eating disorders and how the life of an employee got of the right course, until pension helped her.

Illustrated London News Limited

Illustrated London News Limited / A content map, The Black Sea and The Medieval Cities

poetry / astrid lindgren

When Tina read this quote she thought: Yes Yes!!
...and than you also need somne time to just sit there and look into space!
Als Tina dieses Zitat von Astrid Lindgren las, dachte sie: JA! Und JAAAA!!
... einfach dasitzen und vor sich hinschauen, das wünscht sie euch :)

special coaster collection about women's right

Every year since 2002, Montreal’s Anna Goodson Illustration Agency has created a special collection of drink coasters to give to clients and friends.

Each coaster is a work of art by one of the agency’s illustrators, with a focus on an important social issue. “We produce a collection of coasters to showcase the work of the illustrators we represent and to address an important causes that we feel strongly about,” Goodson told The Message. Art, she believes, can be a driver of social change. “It’s my way of addressing important social issues that I feel are important.”
This year’s theme is #OurBodiesOurChoices, addressing a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body.

“I have to say that this year’s concept is very important to me with all that is going on regarding women,” said Goodson. “Abortion rights, the #MeToo movement, body image, there are so many and I wanted to address them, especially the right to choose. It’s hard to believe we are still talking about overturning abortion rights in 2019.”

podcast alarm!!

Three new podcasts by 4000hertz and Tina Zellmer did the illustrations.

In "Reflektor" führt Jan Müller von der Band Tocotronic, substanzielle Gespräche mit Gespräche mit Musiker*innen.
Planet B ist ein Gedankenexperiment und ein Utopie-Testgelände, indem radikale Gesellschaftsvisionen ausgeloted werden.
Und bei Weisst Du's schon, dürfen nun auch endlich Kinder zuhören: 20 Tiere werden in kurzen Hörrätseln gesucht.

Chevrolet New Roads magazine

Chevrolet New Roads magazine/ zellmer
Tina Zellmer did an illustration for Chevrolet New Roads magazine. The story is about a Chevrolet owner who between earning two college degrees and maintaining a rigorous fitness regimen, managed to write a fantasy novel which helped her to purchase her first new car, a 2018 Chevrolet Trax. Art Director: Courtney McAnsh at CAMPBELL EWALD


New postcards for the galery at Weichselplatz in Berlin
Neue Postkarten für die "Galerie am Weichselplatz" in Berlin.

AOK Vigo Geschwister

Tina hat für die Kundenzeitschrift der AOK zum Thema "Geschwister" eine Illustrationsserie gemacht.
Danke an den WDV Verlag für die tolle Art-direktion.


animation whale
whale, #illustratorswhocare, agm, annagoodsonmanagement, zellmer, enviroment, plastic, müll
Tinas illustrator gang at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency (AGIA), is proud to share with you this year’s coasters created to show our support and commitment to protect the environment

viertausendhertz "nur ein versuch"

Podcastlabel Viertausendhertz did it again: Nur ein Versuch (just a tryout) a new podcastseries with Hendrik Efert.

In „Nur ein Versuch“ dokumentiert Hendrik Efert seine Versuche, Neues zu lernen: Denk an eine Zahl und ich sage dir an welche du denkst! Das ist der Stoff aus dem die Träume sind für Staffel 2 von Nur ein Versuch. Hendrik will das Gedankenlesen lernen. Gibts das wirklich? Und wenn man das kann – kann man dann auch Menschen manipulieren? Genial!

++ ma vie magazine 2018 ++

The super nice magazine ma vie used some of Tinas images for the article "app jetzt entspannt" (relax with apps).

Anna Goodson - coaster image

love coaster zellmer
tina zellmer gif ink women coaster
Anna Goodson Illustration Agency (AGIA), an international illustration agency, representing Tina, released its Christmas Coasters collection celebrating love and the power of art.

Lehigh University

Tina was commissioned to make illustrations for a spread in Lehigh University's business magazine. It features their 1-MBA program and is about students and their summer internship experiences at companies like Tesla, Genetec and QVC (home shopping network).

podcast viertausendhertz

Tina had a new assignment from viertausendhertz, the biggest and best german podcast. They wanted her to create an abstract, collage like illustration based on their logo (bottom right), for i-tunes, their website and other promotional material.

Art with kids

art with kids landart project
art with kids 02 illustration zellmer
art with kids print zellmer
One week in nature, one week of creating, one week to make new friends and experiment with materials.
Tina Zellmer was asked to work together with a group of "kids" between 6 and 17 years old and help them to discover their creative potential and to show them "different" ways to express themselfs. Together in nature, next to a river nearby Berlin, they made illustrations, foto, prints and landart.
Be creative together, let the phantasie play and give way to your ideas.

Calculating risk

Tina Zellmer created this illustration for a feature in The Actuary magazine, an insurance industry publication for people who calculate risk. The article, on chemical and biological terrorism and its role in property contamination, addresses insurance liability in the instance of an attack.

Zellmer’s line drawing of a survivor in a gas mask on a background of collaged buildings amidst symbols of chemical exposure, is a fine example of her editorial illustration.

Artist of the week

Check out tinas latest interview at:

KHBS magazine

tina zellmer illustration khbs magazine
This illustration was done for KHBS Magazine and shows people in sozial interactions.

'the night marcet' / food illustrations Westjet magazine

food illustration westjet magazine
For the august issue of Westjet Magazine Tina was asked to do a couple of food illustrations.
jummie jummie :)

Thomas Cook travel magazine /
caribbean map

Thomas Cook magazine / caribbean
Thomas Cook travel magazine asked Tina Zellmer to create a map illustration about their caribbean cruise story, including the coastline of Orlando, and the islands of Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel (Mexico) – which are the destinations which they visited and stopped off at.


An illustration by a fascinating story about abortion doulas in Arizona. Doulas, a non medicalized support through childbirth, provide help to women, also if they are seeking abortion.

'growing pleasures' / Bianca magazine

gardening, growing pleasures
growing pleasure / gardening
Tina Zellmer made two gardening illustrations for Tridels 'Bianca magazine'.
Tridel is offering suites with incredibly large terraces, which will be perfect for entertaining,
relaxing, gardening or just enjoying the views.
Monica Julian, artdirector of 52 Pick-up says:
" Congrats on such beautiful work! The client is very happy with the final product. :)"

Pharmacy Practice

Tina made the new cover and a little spot illustration for Pharmacy Practice magazine.
One of the features of the magazine is on the Pharmacist’s role for Zika prevention and awareness.
The spot illustration is on the topic of diabetes.

Bright magazin 'Questions'

zellmer illustration

Diakonie Hilfswerk, Weihnachtsmailing

ma vie 'postcards'

ma vie '11 Dinge'

communication app Autism ':prose'


Montreal birthday / Anna Goodson Management coaster promo

Northeastern University
Cultural Agility

An illustration for Northeastern University’s alumni magazine – on the topic of cultural agility.

'career possibilities'

Tina made an illustration for an article, which deals with the possibilities to develop your career in a social profession.